Live at least 30 days in each US State HELPING OTHERS

by Karen G
I'm calling this 'Do It For Love' even though it's also travel, an education and a unique experience.

One day I'll get a small motor home and travel the US "living" in at least 4 cities or towns of each state for 30 days (About 8 days in each respective city or town)…I can knock off WA as I've lived in at least 6 cities there and in AZ I've lived in 3, although I'd like to still consider 2 more in AZ.

I'm thinking Colorado is going to be a nice place to 'live' since it's been chosen as the happiest state. This will surely be an amazing journey of discovery as I learn new cultures, foods (Organic, Non-GMO only of course) and experience the people. I'm really looking forward to it and hope I can start soon!

I will do this for the joy it will bring me as well as for the joy I will bring to others as this will be an adventure of the soul.

I will visit animal shelters and homeless shelters, soup kitchens and hospice hospitals. I will volunteer my time to serve others while I'm on the road. I hope to gain media attention, not for me but for "The Cause" in hopes it will encourage others to 'Pay it Forward" in their own way. Maybe I can get a banner of sorts to put on my traveling home so people can see what I'm doing.

While I'm on the road I'll teach those who are unaware, the power of eating organic/Non-GMO and why it's important to humanity.

Today is March 1, 2015…let's see how long it takes me before I can begin! Anyone have a small roadworthy motorhome they'd like to donate? Or a flight to Alaska and Hawaii??….maybe I have to chop it down to the lower 48. I'm open to suggestions and ideas.

It will take about 48 months to complete this Mission, should I find a way to do it.

Top cities I've noticed include

If you have any relevant information, please share!