I love to cook.
My specialties are German and Italian foods. From German Bread Dumplings with Mushroom Fricassee to Italian dishes such as my favorite; Tuscan Pasta

My Tuscan Pasta is served with antipasto Bruschetta, from self-made backed bread, topped with tomatoes, rubbed in fresh garlic and my own spice mix, adding that special flavor. Served with a medium bodied, well-aged Chianti. Elegant with a long aftertaste.

As a ritual, I always start my first glass while cooking.

My meals all prepared Organic and GMO-free

I should mention, when I cook Italian, I listen to Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli to get me in the mood. What also puts me in the right mood is Vaughan Williams “The Lark Ascending” with Stuart Little playing the Violin.
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    Karen G I should post a bucket called I like eating and want more of Walter's cooking!! And another bucket called I ate too much of Walters cooking and now I need a nap!
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